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Minneapolis Personal Injury LawyerMark Genereux represents victims of car, SUV, truck, motorcycle and bicycle collisions; persons injured as passengers, pedestrians, employees, and customers of businesses; and those hurt by dog bites or other assaults. Mark also handles liability lawsuits against landlords, commercial businesses, nursing homes, and federal, state, county and city governments. Victims who require medical care, suffer loss of wages or healthcare expenses are given expert legal counsel. Those suffering from mental anguish, emotional trauma, or debilitating loss receive outstanding advice and law services from Mark.

Mark particularly enjoys helping worker’s compensation claimants prove their injuries are in fact related to their work. It is hard enough to be ill, need surgery, or just miss out on your life’s work for a time, but to be told by one’s employer and its insurers that you must be a fraud, and this could not have happened at work, only adds to the pain the client has to unfairly suffer.

Mark also represents individuals who need help with their will and estate planning, and the probate of their estates. Mark also represents families who must sue on behalf of those who have been killed or injured in an accident or through negligence. Mark is an understanding and highly capable attorney who is proud to receive many referrals of new clients from his satisfied clients and other lawyers.

If you need a highly qualified personal injury lawyer in MN, call Mark Genereux at 651-292-0973 for a no cost consultation.